Casillas: Mourinho is a big part of the success of the last few years

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Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas spoke to the press on Tuesday, coming to Jose Mourinho’s defense saying that the Portuguese coach has played a huge role in the success of Los Blancos since his arrival.

Captain of both club and country, Iker Casillas took the time to speak out about the recent controversy surrounding the Real Madrid coach as he displayed his newest Adidas gloves and boots, which will make their debut against Atletico de Madrid on Saturday. “I believe that much of the success of Real Madrid is because of Mourinho. We have had pretty good seasons and I think it’s unfair to him.

“To the best coach in the world, you’re responsible too for a lot and maybe that’s the problem he has,” Casillas said. “Like he’s said before, he had a new team, a young team; three years ago Ozil, Di Maria, Cristiano, Sergio, were only twenty-something, and now they have about three seasons of more experience.”

The Spanish international also commented on the fans’ reception of the team’s recent form. “It’s been a few months since the whistles the people heard yesterday [against Alcoyano in the Copa del Rey] were the applause and praise from when we won the league.”

“There is no memory in football. Perhaps people do not remember everything we have won in a couple of months where we led a team [to become] league champions and [set] a record in points and in goals.

“This team does not want to stop, but wants to go further. We’re conscious of the fact that behind our club, behind our players that make up a team, there are fans that have also been united.”

Ahead of the derby against Atletico Madrid this Saturday, Casillas was positive but recognized the importance of the match. “For us it is a vital game, I think we have to do our duty, which is to win and keep going but we face a team that is above us. As I said before, if we win, we bring in some points but our mission and goal is to win every game until the end of the year.”

This article was originally published on on Nov. 29, 2012.

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