“The Atlantic” writer aims to shame indie rock band

Arcade Fire’s “Reflektor” album promotion image (Photo credit: Arcade Fire / JF Lalonde)

The beautiful thing about soccer bloggers is that they have to understand not just the sport, but the country in which it is being played.  With that comes a deeper understanding of culture and racism, among other things.

So as I was perusing Twitter tonight, I found that a few of my favorite writers were outraged about an article about the band, Arcade Fire, on The Atlantic‘s website.

And when I read it, so was I.

(I am begrudgingly linking the audience to this story here. )

Hayden Higgins, the author of the story titled “Arcade Fire Exploited Haiti, and Almost No One Noticed,” made several statements in his piece claiming that the band used Caribbean-sounding music and Haitian costumes to get people to buy their new album, “Reflektor.” He also said that even though their intentions were sincere, there music has perpetuated stereotypes.

What? What?

First of all, there are ZERO examples  that the music has caused people to view Haiti solely in the way that the band has “portrayed” the island nation. Not one quote from a listener, a fan, an ignorant American, no one. When you’re going to make such a bold statement about a band like that, you better be able to back it up.

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